Welcome to Blackwell Public School



Blackwell Public School is located in the suburb of St Clair and is approximately 50km west of Sydney. St Clair lies between the cities of Blacktown and Penrith along the M4 Motorway.

Blackwell Public School is named after a local early farming family- the "Blackwells". The land on which the school is sited was sold by Mrs Neita Blackwell. The school opened in 1984. Mr Frank Blackwell, the oldest surviving family member, was a very special guest at the schools Federation Assembly in 2001.

At Present there are about 520 students enrolled at Blackwell Public School. Students participate in a variety of activities from sport to debating, art and dance. The schools' intake comes predominantly from lower middle class to working class backgrounds.

The schools dedicated staff plan and provide opportunities for students to achieve the required curriculum outcomes while maintaining an awareness of the student's individual needs. Regular communication with parents is a feature of the schools modus operandi.

Parental participation is actively encouraged and welcomed as part of school life at Blackwell Public School. Parents, citizens, students and teaching staff work together to provide a quality teaching and learning environments for its students.

In short, Blackwell Public School is committed to providing a challenging and safe environment where a quality curriculum coupled with high quality teaching results in an acceptance of responsibility for personal behaviour and learning, high student outcomes and tolerance of others.

K Hudswell,Principal

Blackwell Public School